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Am I Fat?

The Obesity Issue for Teens

Series: Issues in Focus Today

By Kathlyn Gay

Since the 1960s, Americans and people in other industrialized countries generally have been gaining weight. In fact, Americans are the most overweight people in the world. In AM I FAT? THE OBESITY ISSUE FOR TEENS, author Kathlyn Gay looks at the causes of the “obesity epidemic.” She also explores weight-loss diets, surgery, and other efforts to combat the problem.

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"Much useful information is packed into this balanced presentation. . . . Well documented . . ."

BayViews, March 2006

". . . this well-researched, well-written book presents a wealth of information in a readable text."

Book Buzz, August 2008

". . . useful for classroom reports . . ."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2006

"Two useful and timely additions . . . Both books are clearly written, with excellent factual information . . ."

School Library Journal, June 2006

". . . gives clear, basic coverage . . . The organization of the book is excellent for report writers . . . the section on web evaluation of Internet sites . . . most helpful for researchers, and the section on product claims and labels most helpful for dieters."

Southern Maine Library District, February 2006

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