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Ancient Persia

A MyReportLinks.com Book

Series: Civilizations of the Ancient World

By Neil D. Bramwell

The land that is mostly present-day Iran was once the home of a great civilization and vast empire that included parts of southwestern Asia as well as parts of Europe and Africa. In ANCIENT PERSIA, Neil D. Bramwell’s book in the Civilizations of the Ancient World series, this important ancient land and its people are examined, and ancient Persia’s contributions to world culture are discussed.

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"Good reference book . . ."

Albuquerque Public Schools

“For students and teachers seeking a good overview of ancient civilizations, this set provides an attractive, fact-filled source . . . This set would be a good choice for supplementing the social studies curriculum. With the content in the book and on the Web sites, students have access to a wealth of information.”

Library Media Connection, March 2005

"Easy to read information on Persian history."

Fort Worth Independent School District

". . . this title will provide students with a good starting point for locating information."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2004

“The online resources are excellent . . . useful for the excellent webliographies . . .”

School Library Journal, December 2004

". . . by using these preselected links, students will not need to waste valuable time using a search engine and wading through thousands of useless sites. These books will appeal to those students infatuated with the Internet who would rather research topics online than use print materials."

VOYA, June 2005

"This series is an amazing resource for studying ancient cultures. . . . This series would be an amazing supplement to a social studies classroom in which ancient cultures are studied, and it is a must-have for updated, technologically savvy school libraries."

Library Materials Guide, Spring 2005

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