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Columbus Day—Celebrating a Famous Explorer

Series: Finding Out About Holidays

By Elaine Landau

Author Elaine Landau introduces readers to Christopher Columbus, follows him throughout his life, and ends with his voyage intended to reach Asia. While he never reached Asia, he is famous today for crossing the Atlantic Ocean to reach the Americas. Readers also find out how we honor Columbus each year on the second Monday in October.

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" . . . an interesting book!"

Clark County School District, June 2001

"This is a fairly good history book about Columbus for early elementary children . . . the book is pleasing to look at."

Children's Literature

“Landau’s book gives readers food for thought about the man, the period, and how the holiday might be interpreted and celebrated in today’s world. It’s sure to generate class discussion . . . the author also shares some unusual takes on the day . . . sidebars and archival photos and paintings appear on every page and expand on the information.”

School Library Journal, September 2001

"Well-written, easy to understand info . . ."

Delaware County Library System, December 2001

"An excellent book on Columbus Day for the younger audience . . . very informative and thorough."

Arlington Independent School District, August 31, 2001

"Young readers will find this information easy to read and understand . . ."

Archdiocesan Library Media Association, May 2002

"A good addition to the holiday section of any library."

Denver Public Schools, June 2002

" . . . a definite plus for your holiday collection."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, February 2002

With a variety of photographs, drawings, paintings, and maps, the essence of the holiday is revealed. Craft ideas and Internet addresses for more information are included, which add to the interest and educational value of these books.

Library Materials Guide, Spring 2002

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