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Daring American Heroes of Flight

Nine Brave Fliers

Series: Great Scientists and Famous Inventors

By Jennifer Reed

There was a time when people were in a race to be first with a reliable and controllable way to fly. Once there, many more frontiers were left to conquer. From crossing the Atlantic Ocean and landing on the Moon to overcoming gender and racial bias, there have been pilots who rose to these challenges, no matter the odds. Jennifer Reed profiles nine of these daring heroes: the Wright brothers, Bessie Coleman, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, and Eileen Collins.

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"What a refreshing look at brave flyers--women and African-Americans are featured more than white males, which, while it is not really representative of the field, offers inspiration for all . . . Their stories are inspirational."

Children's Literature

". . . this series provides some solid information about well-known and lesser-known individuals important in their fields."

School Library Journal, Fall 2009

"The length and vocabulary of each biography, as well as the support materials that are provided, allow for this book to be easily accessed by young researchers as well as older second language learners."

Denver Public Schools, January 26, 2010

"The achievements of well-chosen personalities are highlighted in each volume."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2010

". . . a good background book for students interested in researching aviators."

Arlington Independent School District, March 30, 2010

". . . the overall text is informative, up-front, and encouraging. Readers need to know that success doesn’t come easy, and these nine biographical sketches are a great way to introduce or learn more about people who ardently pursued their passions."

Denton Independent School District, October 18, 2009

". . . these books are useful and are to be commended for the diversity of subjects covered. As such, this series certainly belongs in middle school, junior high school, and public libraries."

VOYA, April 2010

". . . this work is appealing for reluctant readers, especially those with an interest in biographies or flying."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, February 25, 2010

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