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Discovering Dinosaurs with a Fossil Hunter

Series: I Like Science!

By Judith Williams

How do paleontologists learn about dinosaurs? They start by asking lots of questions! In DISCOVERING DINOSAURS WITH A FOSSIL HUNTER, readers will learn about dinosaur science through the work of world-famous paleontologist Phil Currie. How are fossils found? What do they tell us about dinosaurs? What questions do scientists ask? This unique full-color book is not only perfect for early readers or read-aloud, but also supports the National Science Education Standards for inquiry-based learning.

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". . . connects excellent science content with actual scientists in an easy-to-read format for children."

Science & Children, Summer 2005

“. . . an inviting glimpse into the work of a real-life scientist . . . a solid informational book . . . the text is easy enough for most beginning readers, especially if they are already interested in discovering dinosaurs.”

Science Books & Films, November/December 2004

“Informative, solid introductions. The unique feature of these beginning readers is the introduction of a scientist in each one . . . These titles combine an enticing layout with high-interest, easy-to-read texts to delight budding scientists.”

School Library Journal, February 2005

"offers beginning readers ages six to eight an easy-to-read format . . . There are many technical components that make this book ideal for students at this grade level . . . This entire book clearly draws the reader into accurate science content, personal scientific connections, and the quest for continuing knowledge. . . . connects excellent science content with actual scientists in an easy-to-read format for children."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site

“Informative, solid introductions to subjects of high interest to young readers.”

Booklist, April 1, 2004

“. . . a first rate science career series for primary grades.”

Library Media Connection, November/December 2004

"The books introduce key concepts and vocabulary using simple, clear sentences and eye-catching pictures."

Library Materials Guide, Fall 2004

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