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Escaping Slavery on the Underground Railroad

Series: From Many Cultures, One History

By R. Conrad Stein

Slaves escaping to the North faced dangerous journeys. Runaways traveled in darkness with slave catchers hot on their trail. But the Underground Railroad provided a beacon of hope and safety for thousands of African Americans. This network of courageous people—men and women, both black and white—assisted slaves in their escape from bondage. “Conductors,” like Harriet Tubman, risked recapture in the South guiding slaves to freedom. Follow R. Conrad Stein as he explores the formation of this anti-slavery escape network and the people who made it happen.

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". . . a wonderful addition to any middle school library."

Denton Independent School District, May 15, 2008

"The series will provide clear, easy-to-understand facts with critical analysis and will be useful for reports. These books will be a welcome addition to school and public libraries."

Library Media Connection, April/May 2008

"These books give basic background information on turbulent times in American history. Though coverage is broad, the authors' use of personal stories and quotations may keep readers engaged."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2008

"The narrative is well-written and well-documented . . . Highly recommended for research."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2008

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