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Extraordinary African-American Poets

Series: African-American Collective Biographies

By Therese Neis

Do you know who the first published African-American poet is? Phillis Wheatley, a slave, published her most famous book of poetry in 1773, while traveling in England. Read about her life, and the lives of seven other amazing poets. Each short biography ends with a brief timeline of the person’s life and achievements.

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". . . an excellent resource for readers preparing reports or wanting to learn more about some of our finest black poets."

Book Buzz, July 2013

"The language flows nicely . . ."

Essex County Association of School Librarians, December 2012

". . . a great resource for teacher and students alike. It provides fascinating facts about past and present poets . . ."

Garland Independent School District, April 23, 2013

". . . this book contains historical information regarding the development of African-American poetry in the United States. The text is honest and forthright about the challenges and political views of the various poets and provides contextual insight."

Richardson Independent School District, March 19, 2013

"This series is clear, concise and well-written."

Library Media Connection, May/June 2013

"The writing flows well and is interesting . . ."

Arlington Independent School District, November 30, 2012

". . . this is a good reference book for school libraries, if not for classroom libraries."

Children's Literature

"Each book is attractively laid out and organized. The texts flow well, and color and black-and-white photos are pleasingly reproduced."

School Library Journal, Fall 2012

978-0-7660-4327-5 $35.93 $26.95 + Add to wish list
$35.93 $26.95 + Add to wish list

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