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Led Zeppelin

Series: Bands That Rock!

By Michael A. Schuman

Led Zeppelin rocketed to fame in 1969 with their first album, simply titled Led Zeppelin, and the band's name has since been synonymous with the best rock and roll ever recorded. Their iconic "Stairway to Heaven" is regarded as one of rock and roll's most influential songs. Once considered rock and roll's bad boys, they are now one of the genre's elder statesmen. Through stunning photographs, informative sidebars, and revealing direct quotations from the band members themselves, this entertaining biography tells the story of four men from England who just wanted to play rock and roll, and it covers Zeppelin's accomplishments and challenges through the years.

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9781978504073 $38.93 $29.20 + Add to wish list
$38.93 $29.20 + Add to wish list

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