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My First Dog

Series: My First Pet Library from the American Humane Association

By Linda Bozzo

How do I choose a dog? With help from the American Humane Association, this book will help you choose the right dog and show how to care for your new pet. Learn what your new dog needs to stay healthy.

Library Bound Book978-0-7660-2754-1$25.60$19.20

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"The text is easy to read and is well balanced with beautiful full page illustrations . . ."

Arlington Independent School District, February 5, 2007

". . . a good introduction to dog ownership for the young reader . . . easy to read for the young reader."

Omaha Public Schools, January 7, 2009

"Great introduction for elementary school and even middle school readers will appreciate."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2007

"Written in simple text, the books provide enough details for young readers without being overwhelming . . ."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2007

"Attractive, heartwarming color photographs induce readers to want to take every creature pictured home."

School Library Journal, June 2007

"Font size is large and nicely spaced and readable by first and second graders. A nice pet book."

Seattle Public Schools, April 3, 2007

"The helpful format of the book makes this book a quick reference book as well as a riveting read . . . The reader will be armed with the right information to make a wise choice when selecting a dog as a pet."

Book Buzz, September 2009

"This is an excellent introduction to dog care at a reading level accessible to new readers . . . High interest topic, very well done."

Erie 2–Chautauqua–Cattaraugus Board of Cooperative Educational Services, March 2007

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