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Paper Crafts for Chinese New Year

Series: Paper Craft Fun for Holidays

By Randel McGee

Do you want to make your own dancing dragon puppet? Dragon dances are an important part of Chinese New Year celebrations. Follow storyteller Randel McGee as he explores Chinese New Year in PAPER CRAFTS FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR. Learn to make LAI SEE envelopes, shadow puppets, a Chinese lantern, and more!

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". . . fun and relatively easy crafts to do for a unit on the Chinese New Year, other cultures, or China."

Catholic Library World, September 2008

"Though directed to schools and libraries, these books are also a great resource for parents seeking hands-on activities with their children . . ."

MultiCultural Review, Summer 2008

"Kids like crafts, and will be attracted to this visually appealing book . . . A good addition to your craft books."

Southern Maine Library District

"It is a great choice for classroom or library!"

Children's Literature

"The . . . instructions are clear and easy to follow . . ."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2008

"The directions are easy to follow, and enlargeable patterns are provided. These titles would make good additions to collections in need of cultural materials."

School Library Journal, June 2008

978-0-7660-4822-5 $27.93 $20.95 + Add to wish list
$27.93 $20.95 + Add to wish list

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