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Soccer Skills

How to Play Like a Pro

Series: How to Play Like a Pro

By J Chris Roselius

Find out how to pass, shoot, score, and defend like your favorite soccer stars in SOCCER SKILLS: HOW TO PLAY LIKE A PRO. A field diagram and basic scoring rules help new players learn the game. The book also includes practice ideas and drills to improve the reader’s skills.

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"This series is for readers who desire step-by-step descriptions of popular sports' fundamentals."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

"Very nice for most elementary and middle school collections."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2008

". . . this book is a great book for the soccer enthusiast."

Richardson Independent School District, September 16, 2008

"This book is very useful to understand the positions and skills of soccer . . . This book is highly recommended for its practical use in individual or team soccer, its easy to read layout, and representation of a diverse set of players."

Denver Public Schools, October 12, 2008

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