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Teen Science Fair Sourcebook

Winning School Science Fairs and National Competitions

Series: Prime (Middle/Senior)

By Tanya M. Vickers

Author Tanya Vickers provides all the tips you'll need to create a successful high-powered science fair project, such as Siemens-Westinghouse, from getting started to competing at a regional or national competition. Inspiring stories of young scientists who have won national science competitions are paired with the essential steps for creating a prize-winning project. Learn how to find a mentor, write a research plan, set up your notebook, and present your data.

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". . . an excellent resource . . . The text is easy to understand . . ."

Garland Independent School District, December 15, 2011

"The information is reader friendly . . ."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

"Vickers has written an excellent sourcebook for teens interested in science fairs . . . Although this book is aimed at students preparing for a science fair, it really should be mandatory reading for students in any science class that demands a report. In addition to being very informative, it is one of the most entertaining books about science fairs out there."

Children's Literature

"This is the 'alpha dog' of science fair resources! I recommend this book not only as a science fair guide but as an engaging and readable text that will motivate students to think like a scientist and relate to other young people who have excelled in science research projects. . . . This book will appeal to a wider audience than middle school students and their teachers."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site, posted May 20, 2009

". . . a must-read book for any teen interested in winning their school science fair . . . An excellent choice for any library and a great choice for science teachers."

Puget Sound Council, November 2010

"The explanations are clear and concise with illustrations to help with understanding . . . The book would be good at both middle school and high schools."

Denver Public Schools, November 24, 2009

"The book is clearly written . . ."

Booklist, July 2009

". . . a very thorough examination of the subject."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2009

"This helpful how-to book provides advice and guidance for middle- and high-school science fair competitors ready to tackle original research."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2009

"It will be a good resource for young scientists to help them develop science projects."

Library Media Connection, October 2009

"Nicely detailed and researched, well-organized and clearly written book."

Richardson Independent School District, April 27, 2011

". . . a very thorough examination of the subject."

http://tristatereviews.blogspot.com, January 20, 2010

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