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The Abolition of Slavery

Fighting for a Free America

Series: The American Saga

By Suzanne Cloud Tapper

After the events of the American Revolution, the United States became a symbol of freedom. Its citizens were supposed to be free from tyranny and persecution, and free to live as they desired. Yet, this promise eluded the countless men, women, and children who suffered in slavery. THE ABOLITION OF SLAVERY: FIGHTING FOR A FREE AMERICA tells the story of abolitionists, both men and women and black and white, who risked all for emancipation and a country that was truly free.

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"Views on slavery prior to the Civil War are presented in readable text . . ."

Washington Young Adult Book Review Group, September 2007

"The text . . . [is] informative."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2007

". . . filled with a lot of information . . . A good reference book filled with colorful illustrations."

Southern Maine Library District

". . . a good research tool for a study of slavery."

BayViews, April 2007

". . . this new series provides an in-depth understanding of the featured subject and the history during that era. The numerous sidebars offer the reader more information . . ."

MultiCultural Review, Summer 2007

"Clearly written and well researched, this logically organized book is an excellent purchase for most libraries."

School Library Journal, July 2007

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