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The Hip-Hop Scene

The Stars, the Fans, the Music

Series: The Music Scene

By Ann Graham Gaines Rodriguez and Reggie Majors

Another title in this library-appropriate series, THE MUSIC SCENE, THE HIP-HOP SCENE examines the music, singers, personalities, and fans of this musical genre. Read about today’s biggest stars in the industry, and how hip-hop music became so popular. The book also looks at the dances, the concerts, the clubs, and the clothes that are such a big part of the music!

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"With each book stressing the origins and performers, curious readers will gain an eye-opening look at music today with captivating photographs and details . . . this series is easy reading and can be used in music classrooms."

Library Media Connection, January/February 2010

"Each one is clearly written, well organized, and copiously illustrated with full-color photographs of noted performers."

School Library Journal, February 2010

"This title offers a good way to update music collections in elementary and middle school libraries."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2009

"By using relevant characters and interesting sidebars, the authors make this informative book even more appealing to its young audience . . . This book would be a great resource in a library or school for those eager to learn more about hip-hop or who are interested in writing a report on the hip-hop scene."

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