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The Mighty Atlantic Ocean

Series: Our Earth's Oceans

By Doreen Gonzales

Earth’s second largest ocean, the Atlantic, is home to many different plants and animals. It also has many resources that make many of the things we use every day. Discover the plants and animals that live in, on, and near this special place, the scientists who explore its mysteries, and the reasons we need to protect this mighty ocean.

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"It is well written and has a pleasant format."

Southern Maine Library District, July 9, 2013

"Sections on current issues facing the oceans, including pollution, climate change, and endangered species, add further interest . . . informative text."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2013

"If a reader is looking for an excellent resource for preparing a report on the Atlantic Ocean, this is it."

Book Buzz, September 2013

"Readers will most likely find ample support for understanding as they read about the earth’s oceans."

Library Media Connection, January/February 2014

". . . a great addition to an elementary collection for reports, research, and casual reading."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, May 2013

978-0-7660-4437-1 $27.93 $20.95 + Add to wish list
$27.93 $20.95 + Add to wish list

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