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The Story of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement in Photographs

Series: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement in Photographs

By David Aretha

Martin Luther King, Jr., called Birmingham, Alabama, the most segregated city in America. In 1963, he and other civil rights leaders believed it was time to change that. With marches and protests throughout the city, civil rights activists hoped the movement would draw national attention. Hundreds of young African Americans joined the cause, marching for equal rights. Angry segregationists reacted—violently. And it would play out in newspapers and on television screens across the country. Through dramatic primary source photographs, author David Aretha explores this crucial struggle of the Civil Rights Movement.

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"These informative books are moving photographic displays of the peaks of the civil rights movement."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2014

"The books dramatically carry the reader from early 1963 Birmingham to sit-ins, marches, and protests. Through dramatic photographs along with descriptive captions, the reader feels the raw emotions of the times."

Library Media Connection, November/December 2014

"The black, white, and red design give the book a slick, professional look...these books nonetheless provide a nuanced, well-organized perspective on the time period."

School Library Journal, August 2014

"…news photographs are featured and history is told at a level the elementary student or young middle-schooler can understand, with enough detail so that it makes sense."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, May 2014

"This is a marvelous review of the civil rights movement."

Eastern Washington Book Review Council

"...Aretha’s clearly written, succinct texts introduce significant individuals, follow major actions chronologically, place events within their social context, and comment on their long-term significance. Quotes from participants are used to good effect...Well-focused, useful books for students researching the civil rights movement in mid-twentieth-century America."

Booklist, May 1, 2014

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$26.27 $19.70 + Add to wish list

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