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The Tragic History of the Japanese-American Internment Camps

Series: From Many Cultures, One History

By Deborah Kent

Before World War II, Japanese Americans on the West Coast worked hard adapting to American life while creating tight-knit communities. However, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, sending 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent into internment camps. They were forced to live in barracks surrounded by barbed wire and watchtowers. Follow Deborah Kent as she details the sad history of these camps, the reasons behind their creation, and how the internees made the best of their deplorable situation, and finally received an official apology from the U.S. Government.

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Catholic Library World, September 2008

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Association of Region XI School Libraries

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The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2008

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Library Media Connection, April/May 2008

". . . a well-organized and thoughtful work . . . presents both sides of the story . . ."

Richardson Independent School District, March 3, 2009

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