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The Transcontinental Railroad and the Great Race to Connect the Nation

Series: The Wild History of the American West

By Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin

Learn about the Transcontinental Railroad in this addition to THE WILD HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN WEST series. Authors Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin examine the building of the railroad, the dangers involved, those who supported the railroad, and the impacts the railroad had on American life.

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". . . a well-written narrative . . ."

Eastern Washington Book Review Council, December 2006

". . . useful for reports."

Infolink Book Evaluation Program, December 2007

"A complete account of the dangers and stresses encountered in laying the transcontinental railroad line."

Tucson Unified School District, April 2006

". . . a great report writing resource for any middle schooler."

Denton Independent School District, March 25, 2007

"A wealth of information is included in this book . . . A student intrigued with life in the early United States would enjoy reading this book . . ."

Library Media Connection, November/December 2006

". . . a series of informative resource books . . . The books are easy to read but keep the reader’s interest."

Library Materials Guide, Fall 2006

"The greatest feature is the online Web site information . . . The creators of these books connected the ideas of both print and Internet resources to tell in greater detail the story of the winning of the West. It is a sensitive telling of the exciting people and events of the Western expansion. Recommended for school and public libraries."

Catholic Library World, September 2009

". . . wonderful resource book . . . a highly recommended resource for schools, libraries, and train enthusiasts . . ."

Children's Literature

"The readable text is well researched and informative."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2006

". . . a comprehensive account . . ."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, August 2006

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