Picture of Trapped—Youth in the Nazi Ghettos: Primary Sources From the Holocaust

Trapped—Youth in the Nazi Ghettos

Primary Sources From the Holocaust

Series: True Stories of Teens in the Holocaust

By Ann Byers

With her family starving, thirteen-year-old Charlene tried to smuggle eggs into a ghetto in Poland. A Nazi guard caught her and the eggs were smashed right in front of her. A few days later Charlene's friend was caught smuggling bread into the ghetto—she was murdered. Such was the fate for many Jewish youth living in the ghettos in Europe. They faced death, fear, hunger, hard labor, and disease everyday. Millions of Jews were forced into ghettos, where the Nazis kept them until they could be deported to the death camps. Through their own words, author Ann Byers explores the lives of young people living in the ghettos during the Holocaust.

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"Many histories use primary sources but fail to do so effectively. These books succeed by integrating into their narratives lengthy quotes from Jewish and other teens whose lives were endangered or changed by the Nazi regime . . . Certain to capture readers' attention, these are excellent purchases."

School Library Journal, April 2010

"What makes this book unique is its plethora of voices presented--all from youth and teens."

Children's Literature

". . . a solid series with a lot of eyewtiness accounts . . ."

The Jewish Valuesfinder

"Photographs, lists of resources, and chapter notes make the information accessible and encourage further reading."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2010

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