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Weaponized Social Media

Series: Critical Thinking About Digital Media

By Sherri Mabry Gordon

Originally conceived as a way for people to stay connected, share photographs and post information, social media has evolved. Today, it is much more than a fun communication tool, it can become a destructive weapon when exploited by the wrong people. Readers will discover how social media is used as a weapon and what they can do to protect themselves. From Russian bots and fake news to cyberbullying and online shaming, readers will discover who is weaponizing social media and why. They also will uncover useful information about the benefits of social media and how they can use it in beneficial ways. This book also includes a glossary of useful terms and a list of helpful references for further exploration.

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9781978504622 $37.60 $28.20 + Add to wish list
$37.60 $28.20 + Add to wish list

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