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Zoom in on House of Horrors

Series: Zoom In On...

By Richard Spilsbury

Zoom in on some of the weird and wonderful creatures—such as spiders, silverfish, dust mites and woodworms—that share our houses. In HOUSE OF HORRORS, learn how to follow a cockroach trail, and meet the beetles that love feasting on our carpets.

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"There is just enough information to satisfy youngsters' curiosity and give adults the shivers. All volumes are well-designed with short paragraphs explaining colorful illustrations. Short captions appear with all pictures."

Library Media Connection, August/September 2014

"Close-up photographs and insets combine with a simple, accessible text to provide a detailed if busy perspective on what the eye cannot see."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2014

"To promote literacy among young readers, there are certain requisites, and this book includes all of them. The colors, the photographs, the snippets of advice, the tone and the organization of this book are excellent."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2013

"Extreme close-ups of bugs, viruses, cells, and more charge up this series with browser appeal."

School Library Journal, Fall 2013

978-0-7660-4312-1 $25.60 $19.20 + Add to wish list

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