Continents of the World

Age Level: 9–15  Grade Level: 4–10

Each of Earth’s seven continents has its own unique characteristics. Whether it was the first people that lived on Africa, the European cultures that spread throughout the globe, or the industrial strength of modern North America, each continent and its inhabitants have had a hand in influencing the world as we know it. Each book in the CONTINENTS OF THE WORLD series examines the culture, geography, history, and economy that have flourished on these land masses. The Report Links take the reader to the best Web sites, source documents, and photos related to these topics.

  • 30 Report Links per title provide quality Internet sites for further research
  • Explores the climate, plant and animal life, culture, and economy of each continent
  • Learn how each continent and its inhabitants influenced the world
  • Supports the Geography and World Cultures curricula
  • 6” x 9”
  • 48pp.
  • Illus. with color photographs, illustrations, and maps
  • Contains chapter notes, a further reading list, and an index
  • Spring 2004
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Discovering Australia's Land, People, and Wildlife

Discovering Australia's Land, People, and Wildlife

A Book

Judy Alter
In this new edition of the Continents of the World series, author Judy Alter uncovers the land and climate, plant and animal life, scientific discoveries, and history and exploration of Australia. This book offers fun and interesting facts about the planet’s smallest continent...Read More

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