Picture of Chris Rock: Comedian and Actor
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Chris Rock

Comedian and Actor

Series: Influential Lives

By Philip Wolny

The greatest entertainers of our time often combine talent, instincts, hard work, and perseverance. Chris Rock has drawn on all four to become one of the most revered, respected, and consistently successful comedians of the last two decades. This book explores his roots, highs and lows, and recent work, including his milestones in stand-up, television, and film, and his maturation as a directorial talent. Vivid imagery, memorable quotes, a career timeline, and more round out this fascinating narrative of striving for success and maintaining creative integrity, making it a compelling biography for comedy fans and casual readers alike.

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9781978504028 $40.27 $30.20 + Add to wish list
$40.27 $30.20 + Add to wish list

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